About us

Since 1983, ABS Building Products PTE LTD has provided quality signages & building hardware products to the industry. We are the sole distributor for DanSign signage system & Allgood Worldwide, which carries vast range of products. We not only supply but also provide design specification works for both the contractors and designers market. Our Site supervisors are always available to ensure smooth completion of the projects undertaken.

Our sign system is easy to change but tamper proof. There is no limit to the size of our sign as it can be extended or shortened by the addition or removal of profiles. At every stage, the signs remain visual complete and securely fastened. In addition, the range of profiles, colors and typefaces provides you with utmost versatility.

ABS's passion for quality, simplicity and flexibility, reflects in the products. Products are designed skillfully and are made of superior quality materials providing solidity, durability and above all trust. The company's overwhelming emphasis throughout ensures that each ABS product that reaches the user is not only beautiful in looks, but also extremely sturdy.

It is ABS's endeavour to help you have the best design solutions. You visualize- choose the form, the function and the finish. Right from Revolving a door or window, to Controlling it, and from Operating, to Securing hardware there's no chance of anything being overlooked. Rest assured you have the best combination of elegance, style, effectiveness and efficiency, with regard to all your architectural hardware and signage needs with ABS.


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